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Can I reserve a truck? Open

Yes, you can place a deposit on a vehicle to reserve it, this deposit is a part payment towards the purchase and is non-refundable. Full payment is required within 2 weeks of deposit without prior arrangement.

Can you deliver the vehicle? Open

Yes we can deliver your new purchase, but this may come with an additional charge which will depend on your desired destination.

Can you export the vehicle? Open

Yes, we have been dealing with vehicle exports for over 15 years and can assist you with a full port to port service worldwide.

Can you provide more pictures or a walk around video of the vehicle? Open

Yes, we can provide extensive additional pictures of our vehicles and any walk around videos you may want.

Do you accept letters of credit? Open

Unfortunately, we cannot accept letters of credit as payment.

Do you offer finance? Open

We can put you in touch with experienced brokers who will help you get finance in place for the purchase. These companies can offer Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, Finance Lease, Operating Lease and other purchasing options.

Do you offer rental? Open

No, we do not offer rental, but we can help you get in touch with finance brokers who can assist with staged financing.

Is there any room for negotiation on your vehicles? Open

All of our vehicles are priced competitively with a fair reflection of the current market. We will consider each truck on an individual basis and if there is room to negotiate we will always try to accommodate, especially when a customer is buying more than one vehicle.

Where is the nearest airport or train station? Open

Birmingham is our nearest airport. Aston and Witton train stations are both a short 5 minute walk away.